Cute nerdy girl with natural body gets nasty

This cute young nerdy girl is Courtney James from Naughty Bookworms.  She has a very pleasant natural body; it isn’t built to be a motionless mannequin but rather for action, to move and contort and to conform to the touch.  To see her soft breasts bounce as she bounces, to see them converge as she leans forward and spread their mass across her chest as she leans back is like some perfect demonstration of fluid dynamics.  Her body was simply intended for sexual activity.

Her face is quite charming too from the impish grin she flashes as she first shows her lovely tits to the way her glasses fall to the end of her little nose as she is penetrated.  Equally endearing is the way that her softly curled brunette hair tickles her perky nipples as she is being vigorously fucked.  Just an all around naturally beautiful girl, pleasing to both eye and touch, doing what she seems born to do.

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