Petite schoolgirl in white knee highs nailed

This pretty petite schoolgirl is Jessica from Innocent High.  In her white knee high socks and tight top she has such a sexy little body and a really sweet face.  I particularly enjoy the adorable way her tiny breasts can barely touch one another as she squeezes them together through her opened blouse.  And fortunately her shy innocent smile doesn’t keep her from being a fair bit naughtier then one would expect at first glance as she performs the classic no hands blowjob before even undressing, like she just couldn’t wait.

After that she can’t wait to open her flexible little legs in an eager invitation to get her slender youthful body fucked in every position imaginable.  Afterward she demonstrates what a good sport she is by letting him unload on her face.  There is just so much that is endearing about her, from her habit of biting her lip and closing her eyes throughout the scene to her short unkempt brunette pigtails bouncing about.  You just want to take her home and clone three or four of her.

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Cute blonde schoolgirl in green thigh highs

This cute blonde schoolgirl from Really Hot Schoolgirls has an easy going sporty look to her.  Under her green thigh high socks are a pair of healthy cheerleader type legs and nicely tapered calves.  There is an excellent tone to her taut and tanned upper body too.  The outfit of a blue jean mini skirt, thin yellow top, white cotton panties, nerdy glasses, and cute little white runners combine to give her an approachable down-to-earth appeal.

Actually, approachable might be understating the case given how rapidly she strips down to her underwear and pounces on the cock she is about to suck.  After the warm up, her panties come off and she gets bent over the desk and nailed from behind before transitioning to lying on her back for some old fashioned face to face penetration.  She then spreads her legs wide for some reverse full mount knob riding and finalizes the deal by finishing him off with a tug job onto her relatively large and well-rounded breasts.

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Slutty schoolgirl in plaid socks teases

Well this dirty blonde young lady doesn’t try very hard to hide her slutty schoolgirl inclinations.  Between her thigh high plaid socks, red hooker pumps, tartan mini-skirt that barely covers her ass, and sultry stare that begs for attention there is little doubt about what this girl is willing to be talked into doing.  She is Danielle from Face Down Ass Up University and she goes a fair bit beyond teasing in the site.

Though what she is willing to give away for free is pretty sweet too.  In her side-view pictures you can really get a feel for how sporty and shapely her sexy legs are, and how nicely her slutty outfit highlights their appeal.  And when her ass is revealed it is that perfect balance of muscle and softness that is only really present in early womanhood, before time can turn it to the extremes of boniness or flab.

Ultimately though it’s this slutty schoolgirl‘s youthful attempts at “rebellious teen” that are my favourite, the nose ring, the mascara, the little pout.  They all hint at a certain susceptibility to suggestion that is very sexy in its own way.

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Hot nerdy girl fucked in schoolgirl uniform

Today we have hot nerdy girl Kandi from Fresh Outta High School getting fucked in her schoolgirl uniform.  I really find this little brunette honey enchanting, there is a lot to like between her pretty face and the innocent young body she hides under her school outfit.  This is the allure of this scene, lovely Kandi letting us have peeks at her sexy body without ever just giving it all away.  Her firm youthful tits will pop sexily out from her open shirt with increasing frequency in a buildup to ultimate climax.

Her freshly budding body starts as a mystery.  There are the round hints hidden behind her cardigan and the sexy turn of her calves under white knee high socks while she is sucking dick.  After the blowjob she spreads her legs and pushes aside her white panties to get fucked on her back giving us a taste of her pussy but the rest is still tantalizingly covered.  Fully mounted on cock now her shirt is unbuttoned and perfect medium tits spring forth to say “Hello, I love you!”  In and out of their cover they tease, hard nipples pressed against the shirts seam, anticipation for their next appearance ever building.

In the end her beautiful tits thrust forth to capture the drippings of the well earned facial she just received.  To get the full high def video and photo set of this hot nerdy girl getting fucked in her schoolgirl uniform and glasses visit the Fresh Outta High School tour site.

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Sexy schoolgirl with tight body in POV action

Meet sexy blonde schoolgirl Riley from POV Fantasy.  With her tight hot body, flawless skin and incredibly beautiful face she almost lives up to the cliche of being too pretty for porn.  Though if such a young lovely babe wants to get her firm physique sexed up for my amusement I am certainly not going to raise any objections.  Especially not this one as she is clearly out of just about every guys league.  Shit, even the thought of talking to such a perfect beauty is a bit intimidating.

If a girl has got to be only a fantasy, it is a sweet treat when she gives us a taste of what it is like to be with her on camera.  On her knees, calves still clothed in white knee high socks, she makes sensual love to a cock with her mouth while her picture-perfect face looks up, maintaining eye contact throughout.  From there, whether on her back or with her taut buttocks in the air, she is able to excite a dick with visual stimulation alone.  Slender legs spread, petite torso drawing in hot breath, delicate small tits heaving, this girl is just a pure fucking feast for the eyes.  When climax finally occurs upon her exquisite face I can’t help but wonder how buddy lasted so long.

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