Slutty Latina schoolgirl fucks for friends

This slutty Latina schoolgirl is Veronique from Innocent High but she is far from innocent; she fucks for friends, she fucks for fun, she probably would fuck for a tasty sandwich.  There is no pretense about being anything other than that either, this lusty exotic young lady flaunts her hot teen sexuality from a mile away.  With enough eyeshadow to choke a horse and a constant sultry look on her face that seems to beg for a cock to be thrust in her mouth she doesn’t want there to be any confusion about her intentions.

There is always a bit of desperation in these kinds of slutty babes that leads them to self-identify as someone who is eager to get wild for even a little attention.  Not that this pretty brunette would have to do that with her slender body, silken skin, beautiful medium tits, and long sexy legs.  But hey, no one is going to complain about a fresh young beauty such as this girl being too easy.  Most slutty girls are nasty in more ways than the good way, so this slim schoolgirl is a real keeper.

Also why is it that white thigh high stockings with bows seem to add more to a girls slut rating than her innocence quotient?  Hmm.  Anyways, you can see the full video and photo set of this young slutty Latina schoolgirl pleasing men for their short term friendship at the Innocent High free tour here.

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