Slutty schoolgirl in plaid socks teases

Well this dirty blonde young lady doesn’t try very hard to hide her slutty schoolgirl inclinations.  Between her thigh high plaid socks, red hooker pumps, tartan mini-skirt that barely covers her ass, and sultry stare that begs for attention there is little doubt about what this girl is willing to be talked into doing.  She is Danielle from Face Down Ass Up University and she goes a fair bit beyond teasing in the site.

Though what she is willing to give away for free is pretty sweet too.  In her side-view pictures you can really get a feel for how sporty and shapely her sexy legs are, and how nicely her slutty outfit highlights their appeal.  And when her ass is revealed it is that perfect balance of muscle and softness that is only really present in early womanhood, before time can turn it to the extremes of boniness or flab.

Ultimately though it’s this slutty schoolgirl‘s youthful attempts at “rebellious teen” that are my favourite, the nose ring, the mascara, the little pout.  They all hint at a certain susceptibility to suggestion that is very sexy in its own way.

There is a free Face Down Ass Up University tour available here.

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